Eyes / Lashes / Nanoblading

Enhance and open up your face with a simple eyebrow shape and tint.

Makes you look instantly younger and lifted.

Eyebrow shape

Cost     €10

Eyebrow shape and tint

Cost     €15

Eyebrow shape, tint and lash tint

Cost     €20

High definition brows

HD brows  ideal For areas with sparse growth we can provide a range of brow products to help you hide these areas and show you how to use at home.

HD Brows

Cost 25 €



Consultation is free and required

Korean Nanoblading is exclusive to Beauty By Joan and we are the first salon in Ireland to offer this fantastic semi permanent solution for perfect brows. Korean nanoblading is the latest advancement in the microblading semi permanent makeup technique and is used to create eyebrows that have gone sparse or been lost completely. A super fine nanoneedle is used to create very fine hair like strokes in same growth pattern as your existing hair. It can last for up to 2 years. Treatment is in two stages, initial and then top up / perfecting session one month later.

Korean nanoblading

Special intro offer

Cost €270  normally €400