Skin Care / Advanced Facials


Beauty by Joan offers a full range of skin care treatments from relaxing pampering facials to advanced facials.

Clairns mini facial

Cost €19

Clairns youth activator

A richly replenishing facial for dry mature skin

Cost €60

Clairns radiance reviver

Helps dull tired skin gets its glow and vitality back

Cost €60

Clarins Men facial firmer

For firmed, revitalised and healthy glow, includes a free brow tidy

Cost €60


Advanced Facial Treatments

Skin rejuvenation/thread veins/rosacea

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) specifically targets a whole host of skin problems and conditions that affect the maturing skin such as rosacea pigmentation spots (age spots), thread veins, fine line and wrinkle reduction. The IPL emits shorter light waves to target fine thread veins and rosacea and  pigmented age spots while the longer wavelength stimulate collagen production in deeper layers of your skin thus giving a fresher and younger plumped up skin as fine lines are reduced , with pigmentation and skin texture greatly improved.

Course of 4 IPL and 1 free AHA peel.  @ €240

Packages can be tailored to suit your particular skin problems


A deep mechanical exfoliation which gently resurfaces the outer layers of the skin, removes damaged cells and stimulates the skin’s natural cell regeneration

Course of 4 treatments recommended

1 session – €60

4 sessions – €100


MC Cosmetics Micro facial peels (patch test required)

A choice of  three types to address your individual needs.

Salicylic acid peel 20%

Treatment for oily skin, acne scars, white and black heads

Cost €60

Lactic acid peel 45%

Treatment for age spots wrinkles, aging skin. Provides moisture and luminosity.

Cost €60

Glycolic acid peel  30%

Treatment for aged and blemished skin

Cost €60

Course of 4 peels recommended @ €190